The Entryway

Come on in! Our entryway is one of my favorite spaces in our house. It's the first thing everyone sees, so I figure it's gotta make a good first impression!


I am in love with painting interior doors black, so we have that in our entryway. It just makes the space feel so rich and updated! 

We recently gave our entryway a pretty big makeover. We made some huge updates to the closet for a more updated feel. I love that my husband is so handy and can help me turn my dreams into a reality. I said "hey babe! Let's turn our entryway closet into a more open-concept design!" His response? "No problem!" He also installed wainscoting up the steps that I topped off with some awesome antique frames. Did I mention I love this man? 

When we finally decided to tear up the old carpet on our stairs, I went on a serious hunt for this amazing Herringbone carpet that I had seen on Pinterest. After a ton of searching we finally found the exact pattern. I've never loved our stairs more. Top it off with some brick-inspired tiling on the floors to match? This space had me at hello!