Runs in the Family?

Tonight I'm featuring my teenage daughter's room. I would love to take credit for this one, but she designed every ounce of it on her own. We may have a mini Style & Grace girl on our hands! I love that my girls take an interest in designing their spaces. 

Paige Room.jpg

Map Wall Tapestry | String Lights | Bedspread | Pom Pom Pillow | Desk | LA KC NY Poster 

We're Featured in KC Homes and Style!

Kansas City Homes and Style has featured Braden's Hope House in an awesome article on their website. Go check out the article, and check out the pictures of the finished house! What a fun experience for a great family and a great cause!

Touches at the Hope House

This pretty much sums up all of my emotions in one photograph. As I wrap up the installation and planning process for my clients who are so graciously opening up their home to a wonderful cause: Braden's Hope, I can't help but feel every single emotion wrapped up into one. Grateful, for a family who believed in me and gave me a chance to show them that I could design a beautiful home for their family.
Honored, to be a part of something so much bigger than I could've ever dreamed.
Most of all, sentimental. Through this whole entire journey I have been blessed to call this family lifelong friends. I adore their kids and I am so excited to see them grow up in this wonderful home. Just like in this photo where their youngest son came in to take a look at some of the final touches I was putting on his room, this moment that his sweet momma caught, stopped me in my tracks.

It was 100% worth it. 

I'm pretty much in love with the way this sweet tween's room is coming along for Braden's Hope House! Loads of layers and loads of color !

Yes- I took this picture from the trunk of my car, but who could resist?!? 

If you are in or around the KC area and looking for someone who is super creative and creates masterpieces like this-you want to know this girl! 😍😍😍😍 Katie Lewis of Doodle Klew is the bomb! Message me if you would like her info!

Installation progress is coming along nicely! Not one detail will be left unfinished.. Even putting each individual crystal on this fabulous chandy! She weighs in at around 300lbs... and worth every penny! 

Looking Up!

Ok bear with me on this one.

I know it's hard to tell from this picture, but this is a look up at my teenage daughter's ceiling!

Today we made some major changes in her room! New paint and we finally had the chance to hang her new Urban Outfitters tapestry on the ceiling. The crown jewel in her room is her new Pottery Barn dream catcher chandelier!

First, we cut a small slit in the tapestry and then we fed the chandelier cord through it so we could reconnect the light. This look has completely transformed her room! Now on to find bedding and curtains!