Style and Grace Shiplap Race - Episode 5

Can I get an Amen?!? 🙌🏻 The shiplap is painted people and I am in love! Here's a shot of my handy husband installing our new vanities (pictured below). We each have our own, which I'm pretty stoked about.

Progress so far:)

  • New floors, check
  •  ,Shiplap installed and painted, check
  •  Barn sconce lighting, check
  • Vanities, check check!

Next up, we'll hang the mirrors and install the new shower! Spoiler alert! The long wall that is naked right now will be receiving a custom built coffee bar station! I may never leave this space! 

Making Plans for Braden's Hope House

Today was a productive day filled with meetings and making plans! I love days like today! Now we're headed up to the master bathroom to continue working on our remodel! (shiplap) ❤️ You have all been so sweet in asking how our project is going! It's getting close folks! I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Style and Grace Shiplap Race - Episode 4

Okay so the "shiplap race" is not so much a race as a slow drip, but I'll take it! Here's where we are now and here's what happens when you run out of flooring! 😳 Guess we are headed to the store tomorrow for one more box! 😂 The vanities are in transit right now, so hopefully we will have them tomorrow. Can't wait to get this shiplap painted. I just know I'm going to love this remodel!

Style and Grace Shiplap Race - Episode 3

I think I'm in love! (oh, and the handyman is pretty awesome too)

Update on our master bathroom remodel: Almost all of the shiplap has been installed! Next, tear up the floors and start the paint process on the shiplap! This has completely transformed our master bathroom.

Side note: the pictures taped to wall behind my hubby are his inspiration photos! He always says, "I can't picture what you're talking about!" but he always does our projects anyway. ❤️So I printed off the new vanities, lighting and mirrors so he could have the same vision I do! Stay tuned for more updates!