Some more Style & Grace Shiplap

Our shiplap wall is Molly Approved! 

Since we've remodeled the kitchen, we also updated the area that once held a traditional butler's pantry. I'm in love with our decision to remove all of the original built-ins on this wall. We created a one-of-a-kind storage wall that gives me more than enough space to showcase some of my favorite things!


Style and Grace Shiplap Race - Episode 7

Progress Pic! This shower is the final piece, and let me tell you, I am more than ready for it to be DONE! We had a little setback with the tile when it was backordered by two weeks, then we went on Spring Break.

The list goes on and on! 😴😴😴The good news is the handy husband has vowed to me that he will finish tiling the final wall (to the left) and grout tonight! We just need to add a few more strips of shiplap on the top and we are good to go! I'm sure our teen daughters will be thrilled to have their own showers back! They've been on loan if you will. Stayed tuned for the final product!

Style and Grace Shiplap Race - Episode 6

Sharing a peek at our master bathroom this morning! We decided to salvage our old double vanity and turn it into a custom one-of-a-kind coffee bar.

Picture this: the vanity once had an open space in the middle with a drawer. We took that section out and took the two remaining sections and put them together. We added some fresh paint, and my handy husband topped it off with a custom butcher block top!

I just love creating something out of a piece that most would toss in the trash! It offers plenty of extra storage and it is so wonderful to wake up to your favorite k-cup in the mornings! For those of you who remember, this space used to house our jacuzzi tub. Bye bye tub, there's a new kid in town!