Laying Foundation

Some of you may know that I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to be a part of this wonderful adventure. Please take a moment to read Lindsay's blog about this journey that she and her family are starting! I am more than humbled to be a part of this cause and raise awareness for childhood cancer. My hope is that while raising awareness, I can style an amazing home for The Weiss family! It's a dream job really and the best part is that I get to be part of something much bigger than myself. 

As this project gets started, I began thinking about the meaning of the word "foundation:"

An underlying basis or principal for something.

As I see this foundation that has been poured for this family, I realize it means so much more. First and foremost, this foundation is being poured for a family to grow, love and thrive in. They will make beautiful memories in this home and dream about all that can be. Second, they are unselfishly opening their home for a tour that will benefit so many children with childhood cancer to help build a foundation that is already so successful and will be better because of this. Third, I looked at it and realized it's sort of my foundation too. It's the foundation on which my new beginnings will start. It's a giant leap of faith that I always wanted to take professionally in the design business, but I just needed someone to believe in me. This family believed me, and for that I am grateful. ❤️ Follow us on this journey. It's going to be something pretty special.