Fall is here!

It's FINALLY fall here in Kansas City! I've already started to add autumn touches to our house, and I can't wait to keep sharing all of my fun fall finds with you. If only Kansas City would take the hint and cool off a bit so it actually FEELS like fall!

I'm especially loving the handmade Kansas City creation in our newly renovated basement! I bought it from a local place called Restoration Emporium here in KC. It's so fun and I knew I had to have it for our new basement. 

Now, who wants a pumpkin spice latte?

My New Office!

Things have been so crazy around here that I haven't had a chance to show you my newly renovated home office yet!

I am loving this space. It is right off of our entryway so I am still the central hub of our home (which I love). My kiddos and my hubby come in and out often to hang out with me while I'm working. It's the best! It's so nice to have a space where I can invite clients over for meetings and things. 

I love it in here, but I'm tempted to change the hardware on the cabinet doors. Thinking muted gold. What do you guys think?

(PS: We moved the Handy Hubs's home office to our finished lower level. It's not as harsh as it sounds. He loves it down there!) 

Guest Blogger for RE:

It was an honor to be asked by Restoration Emporium to do a guest blog spot! When I shop at RE: there are so many options, so many unique finds. So naturally when I came across this wall unit from Magnolia Home, I was smitten! The possibilities were endless! How would I use this piece first?

One thing was for sure, I absolutely 100% knew I was going to use it in our newly remodeled kitchen!  I have been collecting some fun and special things for the last few months to feature in our renovated space! I have a small wall that is perfect for displaying this fun piece!

Originally I was thinking I would store extra hand towels in it but then I also came across this cement bunny and I knew immediately that the two would be perfectly paired together! I just needed the perfect set of old books to raise the bunny up so he could peek over the edge! Next, I decided to add some spring greenery because, why not? Lord knows our home could use a little spring sprucing up as we anxiously await warmer weather! I think this piece will be fun, yet functional... allowing me to feature some holiday decor from time to time! 

The point is, don't take your decorating too seriously! Don't overthink it so much! The perfect accessories and key pieces are typically right in front of you when you walk through the doors at Restoration Emporium! 

Refreshing our home with fun and unique finds is a must on my monthly to do list. I love finding accessories that I can move from room to room always expressing a different design look in all areas of our home! 

Style your home with relevant and relatable items and you will win every time! 

Happy Styling!



The Hope House Is Finished!

We had a great time showing off Braden's Hope House as a Home of Distinction on the Tour this year! Check out some shots from this weekend and some finished shots of the space! I absolutely loved this project!