At the LAKE with Style and Grace

It's not very often that you get asked to do a complete lake house from top to bottom.  When I say top to bottom, I mean TOP to BOTTOM!

From the wall color, to the new floors, to painting all the cabinetry. Oh, and did I mention every. single. one. of the accessories as well as all the furniture and lighting? That's what this project was!

My clients approached me about six weeks ago and mentioned that they had bought a lake house and were looking for someone to help them with the remodel start to finish.  It took a minute for me to respond, just a minute.  

In a hot second, I said yes. I mean, who wouldn't want an opportunity like this? I've always wanted to design a secondary home for someone so that they could feel like they have a relaxing oasis. A home away from home. Somewhere where you go and you feel comfortable and relaxed and you can just enjoy your weekend with your family on the lake. 

So it began.

First, we had to nail down all interior selections and get them done quickly. There were contractors lined up and they were ready to move and we only had six weeks to complete this. With it being a lake house, the family wanted to have access to the house as soon as possible during the summer months so they could enjoy it together. 

Here are some "before" picture just to set the scene for you...

We removed the tile, which was a total game changer. Without this design choice, we would never have had the opportunity to create a warm feeling for the space. 


"I mean I've never done a project this quickly, but I think I can do this," is all I was thinking the whole time! 

They were counting on me and leaving it in my hands, so I needed it to be perfect. This property is a few hours away from my home so I definitely needed to take a trip there to feel out the space. I packed up and went on a quick little road trip with the Handy Hubs. I can always use his expert advice in certain situations. He will go anywhere with me, do anything with me and never asks why. He's MY perfect guy. So with him in tow, we ventured out!

We walked the space and I figured out all of my floor plans! Now I just had to get all this furniture ordered and delivered on the exact date that I needed. Easy, right? For the most part... you really just need every furniture company to honor their word on when things will be delivered and you will be just fine!  Well, they did. Honestly. I was hoping and praying for the best...and you know what? It all worked out!

Before hand, we had decided that I would also do the whole entire install. I needed my own Joanna Gaines "Fixer Upper" moment! I mean this opportunity doesn't come along very often. When you can surprise the family. Literally open the door and say "Welcome Home!" then take them on a tour through their home that they have not seen any of the touches that you've been planning for the last six weeks! 

It was magic. It was just like you see on TV. I open the door and their reaction was priceless! They were excited and happy. Before they even stepped in the door... I knew I had done my job. 

Here are some looks at the entryway and family room... 


I was super excited to take the kids down to their spaces! They ran down to see what their rooms looked like and it was everything I hope for! They were so excited...they had been waiting just as long to see their "home away from home" rooms!

Outdoor spaces

It takes a lot of trust and faith to put this into someone's hands blindly and say "Just GO, We trust you!" 

I have been really lucky in my design career. I somehow keep finding clients that let me go with my design plan. It truly has been a wild ride so far and without clients like these, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

Designing homes for families is what I truly love to do. It's awesome...I get to create these warm spaces where they will hopefully enjoy family time together for many years to come. I get to leave my mark...I place a little bit of my heart in each one of these designs and I am grateful that my clients allow me to do so.


Taking Shape

To some people, this looks like a mess. To me, it looks like start of something fabulous. Watching this home take shape has been so amazing. I'm so excited for this family to move in to the home of their dreams!  When you have the opportunity to work with clients who trust your vision wholeheartedly, it's a beautiful thing. In my mind I can see this whole project complete. The best part for me will be when I get to see my client's reaction. If they are happy and feel right at home....then I've done my job. ❤️