Welcome to the Table Topper!

Join me as I walk you through the VERY EASY steps that you will need to take to bring your table from flat to FABULOUS! Believe me, it's easy but your guests will think that you spent hours on it!

Join us for dinner on a layered tablescape! 

This year for the holidays I had the pleasure of styling a client's home for the holidays. I decorated from stem to stern, even the dining room table!

My clients wanted their guests to feel warm and welcomed the minute they walked in the door. There is something special about sitting around a table with friends and family. An inviting table can make guests want to linger longer, and isn't that what the holidays are all about?

So how did I get the look? Well, come take a peek!

My secret formula is LAYERS. Lots and lots of layers.

Start with a good base. Any tablecloth will do as long as it is neutral. In the end, we will be layering so many beautiful things on top of it! 


The tablecloth in this picture? It's a THROW! Yes, a throw. Why not? It's plaid and it has the perfect color tones! While I was shopping at World Market, I can across this cute plaid throw and I knew that it had to be the next LAYER of this tablescape! It gives a feeling of being wrapped in a cozy blanket!

The first layer: Chargers and Centerpiece Bases

Chargers are those  are good for so many things, but this time I used them the traditional way! I found these gold chargers at Micheal's for a steal! How can you beat $3? I was also lucky enough to find two of these evergreen centerpieces at HomeGoods! I just jazzed them up a bit by adding some loose ornaments and battery-operated lights (a must in every home for the holidays)!

A fun soft layer

The next thing I came across were these sweet little cotton ball wreaths! There are so many ways to use these and one of my favorite ways is to layer them under plates! It gives the place setting height and dimension!

Make your place setting different. Give them something to talk about!

I also always love to incorporate things that MEAN something. You can always make the things you already own work with your new designs! You just have to build off of them and make it look like they were always intended to be placed together! My clients wanted to use their Grandmother's china for this tablescape, so I just built off that color palette!

Her beautiful crystal also really gives this table some SHINE!

Cotton Wreaths found at Olathe glass  (Similar)

Cotton Wreaths found at Olathe glass (Similar)

A Joyful Layer

These cute plates were a must! They have four different sayings! I love adding a little whimsy to a table!


Take a seat and be our guest!

Everyone will feel special when they find their name in a sweet little frame like this. Name cards are great, but why not go the extra step and make them special? I found these little crystal frames at Michael's for around $6 each! Then I just picked up some gift tags, wrote the guest's names on each one and "framed" them!

The final touches

You are almost done! Now all you need is a fun little cloth napkin to finish off the look!  I came across these "gather" napkins at HomeGoods and knew they were going to be the perfect final touch!

Napkins found at homegoods (Similar)

Napkins found at homegoods (Similar)

The Finished Product!

You are DONE! You are ready to host a fun dinner party and seat your guests at a table that you can be proud of!


Setting tables for people should be way for you to express how you feel! Making a pretty tablescape doesn't have to cost a lot of money. You can load it up with things that you may never have thought you could use on a table before!

Have fun and get creative!

How will you be spending your holiday dinners? I would love to hear from you!



The Final Stop of the Style & Grace Christmas Race!

style and grace christmsa race-01.png

Annnndddd that's a WRAP! The Style and Grace Christmas Race is finished! 

This install was like coming home! A warm welcome when I came in the door, greeted by just two of the 5 awesome family members who live here: One 5 year-old little man (who basically stole my heart the first time I met him) and his sweet loving mama who always makes me smile!

This was where it all started! This was the home that made me realize that I LOVE design and that I really could have a career that I love and still be there for my family all the time!

This was the home and the family that took a giant leap of faith and put all their trust in a girl just getting started and told her to "go for it!" They put their home on tour and raised a lot of money for Childhood Cancer, while giving me the courage I needed to follow a dream. That is priceless. Faith and trust are priceless.

The end of this long but important post is that at the end of the day (or in this case, 7 holiday decorating days), I realize what I've probably known all along. All these homes that I styled for the holidays are different. Just like my clients, they are all different and have different visions for their spaces, yet they all still call on me to design their homes. They let me be creative. They allow me to have fun doing what I love the most. They give me opportunities that I don't take for granted. I know that I am lucky that they choose me and that I get to be part of giving them the home of their dreams and the cherry on top is going "home" to decorate it for the holidays!

Style & Grace Christmas Race House Three!

style and grace christmsa race-01.png

Day One of this client's home went so smoothly!

This is my third home in one week and while it is a ton of work, I am blessed to have people who trust my vision and allow me to be creative and dress their homes with holiday light and style! When I walk out that door at the end of the day they are happy. That makes ME happy! 

Take a look at how plain the Christmas tree in the foyer was "before" I added some Christmas cheer to it. You can also see the bird's eye view! 

I also wanted to share a look at a "family" tree. This tree is where this family puts all of their special ornaments. Classroom ornaments, pictures from when their kids were younger and ornaments from all their vacations and memories together! I just gave it a good base for them to work so when it was time for them to decorate it together, it would be fun and whimsical before they even started! I just love all the pops of red and white!

Style & Grace Christmas Race Stop Number TWO!

style and grace christmsa race-01.png

I just LOVE this time of year. We did this second stop on the Style & Grace Christmas Race from top to bottom and I am in LOVE with how it came out!

We styled chandeliers, mantels, tables, a Bannister garland and one big beautiful tree. This family is READY!

I've had some of you asking about how I decorate my trees with ribbon. Be on the lookout for more information about this later, but for now I'll leave you with this quick tip: run the ribbon vertically instead of horizontally! I hope this helps you add a little bit of depth to your trees!

Day 1 of the Style & Grace Christmas Race

style and grace christmsa race-01.png

Stop number one of the Style and Grace Christmas Race got off to a good start!

I am loving the tree we picked out for this space. She's 10 1/2 feet tall and stuffed full of loveliness! When you have a great room with tall ceilings like this one, a giant tree is a must-have. Anything less just doesn't seem to fill the space with as much Christmas Cheer, ya know?! 

I also added some touches to the mantel and shelves, and snagged a bird's eye view shot when the space was finished. Santa's stopping here for sure, and might not ever want to leave! 

At the end of these two weeks I'm sure to be in the spirit (and covered in glitter!)