The Final Stop of the Style & Grace Christmas Race!

style and grace christmsa race-01.png

Annnndddd that's a WRAP! The Style and Grace Christmas Race is finished! 

This install was like coming home! A warm welcome when I came in the door, greeted by just two of the 5 awesome family members who live here: One 5 year-old little man (who basically stole my heart the first time I met him) and his sweet loving mama who always makes me smile!

This was where it all started! This was the home that made me realize that I LOVE design and that I really could have a career that I love and still be there for my family all the time!

This was the home and the family that took a giant leap of faith and put all their trust in a girl just getting started and told her to "go for it!" They put their home on tour and raised a lot of money for Childhood Cancer, while giving me the courage I needed to follow a dream. That is priceless. Faith and trust are priceless.

The end of this long but important post is that at the end of the day (or in this case, 7 holiday decorating days), I realize what I've probably known all along. All these homes that I styled for the holidays are different. Just like my clients, they are all different and have different visions for their spaces, yet they all still call on me to design their homes. They let me be creative. They allow me to have fun doing what I love the most. They give me opportunities that I don't take for granted. I know that I am lucky that they choose me and that I get to be part of giving them the home of their dreams and the cherry on top is going "home" to decorate it for the holidays!